Watching the Google I/O while blogging about it on Google+. I wanted to say that I think Google is probably my favorite company, even though I know very little about how it actually functions internally.

Does anyone happen to know how Google functions as a corporation, by the way?

Anyway, Android’s going into education to serve up apps. Man, Google is really declaring war on Apple over this – Apple’s turf is education. Apple has student discounts on almost every single product they carry, and it’s one of only two demographics they hold events for. I’m surprised there’s no “Education Specialist” in their stores, as a matter of fact, but thinking back to my time with Apple, that was usually taken care of by individually Apple Consultant folks who manage contracts with the schools. Who either had no idea what they were doing or knew everything about every Apple product there was, no in-betweens.

Anyway, I digress.

I noticed that Google designed what they call the best laptop ever created and called it the Google Pixel. I wonder if they’re going to offer those to the public, or just to their developers and internal employees?

I swear to somehow get a job at Google if it is the only way I could possibly get a one-of-a-kind Google-designed laptop. 

More updates to come, possibly.

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