I don’t hate much, but I do hate click bait.

Someone said on this blog the other day that I should check out yahoo news for interesting headlines because my descriptive headlines were not sensational enough.

I don’t do sensation. And if I do? It will be remarkable, and appropriate, and not at all like what NASA has been doing with whether or not the Voyager spacecraft has entered the interstellar medium or not. Seriously, we don’t even really know what the interstellar medium is, because we don’t even know what our reality is made of. We have a lot of radio waves that tell us stuff about what it might be. But it’s much more mysterious than their publicity-generating toggles as to whether Elvis has left the building or not.

Note: I love NASA. They are amazing. But they have a drawback: they’re funded by congressmen who are enriching the defense department, which is arming the world and letting them go to town on each other, which is definitely not the way one would react to, say, a bunch of children who couldn’t get along.

So no, I’m not going to use frustration-generating news practices like clickbait-style headlines. I’m going to write what I think is right. And ya’ll can interpret that any way you see fit. I want clever people reading my blog, who are able to read between the lines and entertain silly ideas, not people who took the blue pill and get caught up gazing at social media, feeling empty.


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