Want to lose weight? Eat. Your. F$&@ing. Vegetables.

Oh god, I bet some of you did not like that title at all.

Someone told me they were inspired that I’ve lost a bunch of weight several times in my life (90 lbs, 60 lbs, 60 lbs), and am now keeping it off for the long term. Ha, I had a lot of practice, eh? No wonder I’m good at it by now. I’ve had an eating disorder type thing in the past, and tended to eat my stress – when I was 21, I existed on pizza and mountain dew almost exclusively for an entire year. So I decided to make a post about food. Note: I am not advocating going vegetarian, before you think this is that kind of post.


I have a vegan bodybuilding friend who eats two huge plates of vegetables twice a day. I’m starting to think the ‘but you don’t get protein!’ is a guerilla marketing tactic against veganism promoted by meat companies. That’s one of the more insidious ways of doing advertising, by the way. The first person on this slideshow – I don’t endorse clickbait slideshows, by the way, but this was exactly what I wanted to talk about, so kudos to them for having a high google rank (do you see a problem with Search Engine Orders here?).


Thanks, Edward Bernays, may you rot in hell, you propagandist enemy of humanity who invented the spin and blatant lying methods of advertising and public relations, which have infested our government and media ever since.



Anyway, there are enough vegan and vegetarian superathletes out there that if you’re concerned about your rock hard abs, you can still go vegan or vegetarian (or even pescatarian, meaning you eat fish) if you can muster it. It comes with a bunch of sciencey health benefits like lower incidence of heart disease:



Myself, I eat all the ethical meat I can stomach. I don’t like eating meat, I don’t like factory farming, and I think all that money invested in all that protein would be better used creating a sustainable garden for the planet. But, people like meat, and there are places to get meat that treat animals better than other places, so I try to eat meat from the more ethical sources. Voting with your dollar, as it were. It’s the only vote you still have that matters (yes, that was political, no I don’t like politics).


Anyway, vegetables are sexy, though apparently PETA didn’t get the memo that women are animals too, just like men, and certain animals don’t appreciate using sex to sell things. Like this animal right here. Sex selling is another greasy advertising practice.




This post was brought to you by a random picture I saw on Facebook. I tried to source it, but it’s got a source on the cover. Here’s a diet huckster blog’s picture stolen from a newspaper to sell her diet scheme with sex, again:




Oh, and I can’t let this post go by without telling people the best method I’ve used to lose weight. It’s free and based on Stanford psychology.

With this mindset:

Eat this way:

75% low-to-medium glycemic vegetables and whole grains. No white carbs, no rice, no noodles. No processed food in general. No flour enters this 75%.

25% whatever you want as long as you end up somewhere around 60% good carbs, 30% protein, 10% fat.  You can have a burger. You can have a piece of pizza. 25% of this meal is for you.


I took this from some of Jane McGonigal’s material, I think it was originally on superbetter.com. She’s the most awesome, if a little up there on the supernerd scale. 😉
Here’s her blog:



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