Feminism up your ass, courtesy of Joseph Gordon Levitt.

The guy who kicked ass in Inception and The Matrix, played a porn addict in Don Jon, and generally rocks everyone’s socks, is a feminist.

This manlier man than most men I’ve met says feminism is more about being able to define oneself apart from gender.



I have a lot of habits that most people would call feminine. I’m not gay, I just was raised by two sisters and a mom and a dad who was barely ever around to teach me mannish things, and who also was a much better cook than my mom. 

So, I was raised around all women. Most of my elementary school teachers were women I greatly looked up to. Most of the men in my life have been relatively abusive and un-fun and egotistical. 

This makes me a feminist by default. I have been forced to define my own way for a long time because what I am does not fit neatly into man and woman. I went by male lesbian for a while, and that does seem to fit best. 


Anyway, a lot of people are attacking feminism lately – and I think it’s because feminism carries with it the stigma of saying “women are better than men,” or “men are worse than women.” But that’s not what feminism is about. Read the link to see what it is about, in very few words.


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