Grey market over-the-counter powders that require a prescription in Russia.

This is an interesting site that has a bunch of intimidatingly-named items which are drugs in other countries, but not the United States. Nootropics, for the uninitiated, are smart drugs. I have personally experimented with piracetam, a cognitive “supplement” that requires a prescription in other countries. It worked. It expands the focal area of your vision and generally gives you more horsepower to work with throughout the day. Unfortunately, if you’re anxious, you get more anxious.

Then there’s this article, which talks about the fact that Russia has a /whole other set/ of pharmacological medications that do all kinds of things to the brain. I have tried one of these, an anti-anxiety medication – it’s available for cheap on the internet, carries an extremely heavy addiction potential (don’t use it more than 2 days in a row, or you have potentially weeks-long withdrawal symptoms). And it did work a little, maybe just placebo, who knows.


I am excited at the prospect of a compound that is both a stimulant and anti-anxiety pill. It’s like someone took alcohol, and adapted it to make you smart instead of just thinking you’re smart.


As a note, in 2012, I put myself in the hospital to recover from severe antidepressant side effects. Then, the doctors put me on something called Seroquel, recovery from which sometimes takes over a calendar year, and which some people do not recover from. I still have muscle tics that I did not have before being prescribed a high dose of Seroquel, and have considered legal action if I were a litigative type (if you’re a lawyer who thinks this is a doable case, let me know).


SInce then, I have been forced to experiment with various substances (while attending Stanford University, which has largely ruined my experience with side effects) to try to get my brain back in order. It has mostly worked, and I am now feeling whole again. Yay recovery.


Interested to hear other people’s experiences with random substances, powders, and what-have-yous. Psychopharmacological substances, I think, is the proper term. Leave comments! I love and approve most reasonable comments.


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