Train friends, sweet potato pancakes, and other alternatives to wheat and white flour.

I’ve been on finals/vacation for the past few weeks. Vacation involved 4-wheeling, writing, 34 hours of train riding and five friends, and also swimming, hot tubbing, drinking, chicanery, and conversation. Just the kind of vacation I needed.


I just ate a gigantic plate of sweet potato flour pancakes. They were spongy and delicious even if some of them looked a little burnt. Butter and syrup galore, just dripping off each bite. I didn’t take a picture, because my pancakes were ugly. And now I need to go to the gym to burn that off or I am pretty sure I will die of fat almost immediately, but I will not because I’m taking today to clean up my place and recover from 24 straight hours of travel. Seriously, there was like a quarter stick of butter on them, you guys.

I’m getting pretty into the alternatives to wheat and normal flour. I have oat bran and sweet potato pancake mixes in my shelf right now. Of course, there’s zero healthy alternatives to syrup, so far as I can tell, and butter is too delicious to take away from the pancakes. But, I’m happy to report that the alternatives to white and wheat flour, which some guy named Brian Tracy, a writer about time management and being the most productive you you can be, who has joined the make-it-really-simple diet movement by giving a great diet in three sentences, says is really bad for you. I agree – flour and most wheat flour has the nutritious part of the whole grain stripped away and turned into shelf life. This means that wheat and white flour based foods are basically as nutritious as a Big Gulp – they turn into sugar, good old sugar, in your gut. And push you toward the 75g or so most people can take of sugar before their blood starts freaking out and inducing diabetic symptoms like always being hungry no matter how much you eat, and being fat.

But if anyone has alternate things that won’t 1.) turn me prediabetic as happens to me when I eat too much sugar or 2.) I don’t even know what butter does to my arteries but I’m assuming it’s pants (“pants” is an Anglicism I re-learned from one Cathy Hookey (@cathyhookey, pants means rubbish. I met her on an Amtrak train. She’s an up-and-coming roustabout most recently found on the trains of the Western US and apparently headed to Italy sometime soon where she will demand gelatos in the native tongue). Speaking of fatty things like gelato, and breaking the rules of the scope of parentheses, I’d like to hear about good alternatives to butter that aren’t too far abstracted from real food.



Get your vitamin D and your Omega 3 fatty acids, kids. Get on the right side of the nutrition divide while you’re still not dead of cardiac failure or excessive marbling.


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