The first thing I started fixing at Stanford: posture.

We guys do not like asking people for directions, which is why God (I mean Vint Cerf – I mean humanity) created the internet: now you can ask an uncaring search bar how a man gets correct posture. I’m still working on it myself – it’s hard when your muscles have aged, so I encourage any guy to start now, because it will only get harder to fix as you age. I’m convinced this is one of the primary benefits of Zen meditation, because being at one with nothing is certainly no way to become enlightened and also be interesting. I’ve hung out with hardcore Zen guys. They just /are/. .

All the old people I’ve met that were 90 and still lucid have excellent posture, by the way. Not that that means anything. Your mileage may vary. Here’s one link for each gender, and I heartily endorse the attached websites.

Although I don’t know why the premiere women’s site is about health, and the premiere men’s site is about art. I guess there’s a men’s health too. But I don’t think men like that “health” word by nature.


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