Pictures of potatoes from Idaho, like me.

By you people, I mean all of you who read this blog. I was just going through the blog stats, and I haven’t had a week with fewer than 4 visitors since April of this year. Last week, I got a crapload of views. This week, I have been trying to take care of school things, so haven’t had as much time to post.

More than 2000 views total so far. Thank you for reading my stuff! To reward you, here is what happens when you Google funny potato image, brought to you by Whoever that is.

To be sure, funny and potato are just the first two words that came up in my head as random things to google. Of course, funny popped in there because I like looking at funny things. Potato may have popped up because I grew up in Idaho. Who knows?! But, it appears that a non-sexual Rule 34 has taken place: the funny potato is a whole category on this site.
And then there’s
a potato skin bikini. if this were a human, this image would be horrifying.

While we’re on the topic of funny potatoes, I just got back from a funny potato of an informal meet-up with a friendly fellow from Palantir. Not a palantir, as in one of the palantiri, but Palantir Technologies, where varying government agencies spend their hard-earned cash figuring out ways to interpret and use huge data. Big data is probably too small for what Palantir does. They emailed me because I studied philosophy at Stanford. WTF, right?

The interview/exploratory session was a little awkward,
maybe a little less awkward than this.

with me trying my best to listen,
well, maybe not to reason. but something.

and follow what he was saying about top-down approaches to mission fulfillment – I am intermediate in business-ese at best. I think I laughed at appropriate times, and got serious at appropriate times. I spilled coffee on myself twice by accident, just on the hands, but had on a black shirt so it didn’t matter. Score one for black shirts. Score minus one for forgetting to get a lid for my coffee on my way out.

He emailed afterward to say he’ll shop out my resume to some people there.

(or perhaps pimp it out. from a treadmill. I don’t even know.)

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. We’ll see!

-Dave Id Arnweald



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