Let’s learn to talk to one another.

Maybe conservatives and liberals who get angry about politics are just mistaking the source of their anger for the opposing party, rather than its actual, sensible source: both conservatives and liberals each expect the other person to misunderstand them in a stupid fashion at some point.

This just means the language in the US is separating naturally.
We should learn how to talk to each other again.

It’s really, really difficult sometimes, but I attempt to keep in touch with as many conservative folks as I can, to sort of keep up with the language, and what they are using to describe what.

To me, conservative language is almost immediately recognizable if we’re talking about politics, but completely the same if we’re talking about life. If I talk to a conservative about everyday things like cooking and living, relationships, things like that, we have a normal conversation. But the second we enter the space occupied by media talking heads,

who are there for their acting skills – it takes a lot of skill to be articulately angry. It involves memorizing talking points.

Well, the second we enter that space of politics, I start hearing negative words tied to public works projects. Obamacare – and for many (especially white, rural or upper-class) conservatives, by the way, the word “Obama,” comes with an automatic negative connotation.

Obama, as a person, displays certain behaviors that these people,
often because of stupid media choices,
a history of parental mental illness,
and stupid internet forums where stupid adults talk about stupid things like white supremacist views,
because of these stupid media choices, these otherwise rational people have been lured by the media like pedophilic priests,
by praising these lonely, sometimes-abandoned people for the qualities no one else notices,
because they’re too wrapped up in themselves to connect with others,
these conservatives have no model or time for the Other, no tools to handle its presence except racism and estrangement.
Because these people with these crappy tools are all over the internet, I’m happy every time I see police checking out online forums where kids go.
If there’s any potential for humanity fucking itself over in the context of the internet, it’s where kids are allowed to talk to incredibly misguided and sometimes mentally ill adults.

I’m having some serious troubles with the idea of the Panopticon since I realized that Bentham’s Panopticon, commonly thought to describe the perfect prison, is actually a perfect description of the modern human city. Online forums. Etcetera.

But then I think, well – how would it not be like that?

And how could this post not be applied to mainstream Democrats as well, circa Bush?
Just look at their language. But maybe even the language can be estranged.

This post is in progress, and will be up for a while, and will be worked on, but I have 7 weeks to finish Stanford and find a job, and blogging doesn’t get me any closer to a job, unfortunately. On the plus side, I’ll have a website to share with you soon.

I already have the domain, it’s called adultsoopervision.com. Subject to renaming. Not a porn site.


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