I found some interesting Buddhist descriptions of friendship; they’re in mostly plain language.

These, the Buddha says, are the four types of friends one can cherish: the helper, the mentor, the enduring friend, and the compassionate friend.

The helper is there to protect you.

The mentor is there to guide you toward personal awakenings.

The enduring friend is there for you to trust completely, and would even die for you.

The compassionate friend is there to practice compersion for you, who takes pleasure in your fortune and generally tries to help your public reputation.

The wording on the linked post:

A couple things that might not be clear due to wording/scriptural masking:

(Scriptural masking is something I just made up where the wording of an idea, because it dips into spiritual metaphor, is clouded.)

Re: “Providing double what is requested-” this means being generous.

Re: “Showing you a path to samsaric heavens” – Samsaric heavens are not necessarily not metaphors. Samsaric heavens are places in the universe filled with creatures in whom suffering is almost nonexistent, where most of their time is spent in blissful pursuit of their goals.  This effect is commonly observed in scientists who will. not. stop. working. on. science. Karen. (She is one of my four types of friends.) This is the scripturally masked point I mentioned.

Here’s the link.


Now I’m off to take a moment of silence and be thankful for my mentors, enduring and compassionate friends, and helpers. And to be mindful that I have played those roles as well, and can play them better next time if I am mindful.


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