How I think it all started. And how it all starts.

In the beginning, there was one little wub-wub.

But I’m not talking about just any wub-wub.

What I’m talking about could be thought of as both being and sounding like a wub-wub.

It would feel like a wub-wub, to a creature (not humans) that was able to perceive something this small, in terms of its effects on other wub-wubs in its space.

This particular tempo and spatial arrangement of wub-wub was resonant with this configuration space of the universe, and when another part of the configuration space spontaneously started jiving to the wub-wub, presumably because wub-wubs tended to wub-wub this way in this universe, lo and behold, there became a complementary and entangled wub-wub.

well, these two wub-wubs were the only two wubbing in the whole universe, and who knows how long they wubbed together before another two spontaneously started wubbing!

Then the four were wubbing, but the four were together wubbing in a way that encouraged four more to all at once wub-wub with the first four in a way only four could wub.

Now there were eight wub-wubs, and the thing differentiating was the time differences between when the wakes or the ripples of the wub-wubbing got to where the other wub-wubs were.

So if you double this another uh… Let’s say a time per attosecond. You end up with so much complicated wub-wubbing, that some kinds of wub-wubbing start to wub-wub /around/ other wub-wubs, or other systems of wub-wubs, because of the ways the wub-wubs affect space. Some wub-wubs tend to wub-wub toward other wub-wubs. Many wub-wubs do not interact with any other wub-wubs. But it’s wub-wubs all the way down.

It’s easy to hear “wub-wubs” all the way down, and think to yourself, that’s simple enough. But in this universe, the wub-wubs that all the scientists know about are huge, kludgey conglomeration of many of the different types of wub-wubs, down to the fundamental wub-wub type that started it all.


After the wub-wubs began to assemble this property called mass, the wub-wubs still had this tendency to resonate, only now it was a more complicated sphere of resonation, and what it did for the next bajillions of years was slowly wub-wubbing into worlds. There is no end to this universe because the maximum distance is both zero and infinity – all separations are in time, time scales, timing, tempo, which distance is only a derivative function of.


Other than that, though, the rest is indistinguishable from our world. Mostly. From a geological perspective.



note: numbers mentioned are replaceable with correct integers.

further note: featured image is many Effective Altruists wubbing in tune for a group photo at EA Global.

third note: some things wub in two or more different ways at the same time, but other things might only wub in one of those ways…



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