Crowding: an approach to addiction

The “crowding” method for fighting addiction:

Let’s say you’re addicted to one bottle of pills. My recommendation is this:
Become obsessed with that bottle of pills. Then, become obsessed with the fact that bottles of pills help solve a shortage of bottles of pills for you. Then, realize that if this bottle of pills does this for you, and you don’t like all the side effects of the one you’re on, maybe another bottle of pills might do the trick. So what other bottles might help?

You’re using the bottles of pills to feed your addiction, remember, so what do people with addiction take to get better? Usually a multivitamin and other stuff. Now you can be addicted to ten bottles of pills, one of which is causing some unwanted side effects, but you’ll at least feel placebo-better because of all these positive actions you’re taking toward the well-being of your body and mind. You’re taking pills from ten bottles just to help you feel and function better. What else are you putting into your body to help you feel better and feel like doing things?

This method is often commonly settled on by people who would have a drug problem if they weren’t busy taking all these pills. CLA for fat burning*, protein powders to up that protein intake high enough that your body can repair itself**, green tea ECGC to up the metabolism and help you process the 5-HTP***, probiotics to repair the gut microbiome****, transplantation of which both is gross and also has cured all sorts of things*****, and was invented in China 3000 years ago******.  these are a few of their new favorite things. They don’t decide to buy a bunch of bottles. But they look on the internet for ways to deal with their problems, places like erowid, collegeboard (for adhd and basically just getting adderall, which is chemically equivalent to low doses of fast-acting high quality pharmaceutical methamphetamine, mixed with moderate doses of slow-acting high quality pharmaceutical amphetamine), but lately, they’ve been gathering in groups dedicated to nootropics, message boards and (rarely) NIH article links.

Anyway, the whole point is, you start to learn about your body and what does what, and you dedicate yourself to that, you become addicted to that, because that’s the reason you started the first bottle in the first place.



*the asterisks don’t link, but they could.



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