Transhuman(-ism?), Stanford, and me.

Transhumanism: How I got there. I always knew I was going to have to go to extreme measures to be a normal person in the world. I was raised without that core of love in me, the thing that draws one to people instead of repelling one from them. I had abandonment issues, ego issues, […]

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Be mindful this year, you cretins.

Originally posted on Clarity Falls:
Desire, and the self I read a lot. I won’t do this too often, but I wanted to write about the way I have come to think about the self. I think it might help as a lens to help people overcome their habits, in some way. It starts with…

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The protein mist(e)ak(e).

I’m here to talk about one question: Why is the governmental Recommended Daily Allowance for protein so freaking low if you want to build muscle? And why are the following answers so different?   Background: I fix the diet, then I go to the gym. Every time. […]

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How I think it all started. And how it all starts.

Wub-wubs wubbing is the way.

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cousins of hanger.

By now, I hope everyone knows what hangry means. It’s the anger one has when people are being idiots, or otherwise being people, and one is hungry. I’ve been tinkering with some additions: Dehydrangered/dehydrangry: the anger brought on when people are frustrating and one is thirsty. Sexually deprangered: the anger one gets when one is teased by […]

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The helper is always there to protect you.

The mentor is always there to guide you toward personal awakenings.

The enduring friend is there for you to trust completely, and would even die for you.

The compassionate friend is there to practice compersion for you, who takes pleasure in your fortune and generally tries to help your public reputation.

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Coming to you live, from these bacteria.

Hey, you people, I have decided to address my readership exclusively as you people. That is all. Signed, These bacteria. P.S.: Since human beings are, by count, 9/10 bacteria and 1/10 cells with DNA, these bacteria have decided that they are the dominant monad*, so we guess we’ll go by that sign-off now.** P.P.S.: Stock […]

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