The insidious loop

“Look how tough (weak!) I am. I get an ego boost for how much pain I can suffer.”

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What do you want to want? A short primer on the power of philosophical self-development.

In ethical philosophy, the study of what people should do, there’s this notion of first- and second-order desires. A first-order desire happens when a person wants something, whether explicitly (out loud) or implicitly (by their action): a person wants the pleasure and nutrition from eating a blueberry muffin. A person wants a paycheck. Needs that new first […]

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The protein mist(e)ak(e).

I’m here to talk about one question: Why is the governmental Recommended Daily Allowance for protein so freaking low if you want to build muscle? And why are the following answers so different?   Background: I fix the diet, then I go to the gym. Every time. […]

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Calories are calories people.

Put in the wrong kind of gas, and the car would die or putter sluggishly.

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The first thing I started fixing at Stanford: posture.

We guys do not like asking people for directions, which is why God (I mean Vint Cerf – I mean humanity) created the internet: now you can ask an uncaring search bar how a man gets correct posture. I’m still working on it myself – it’s hard when your muscles have aged, so I encourage […]

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