How I think it all started. And how it all starts.

Wub-wubs wubbing is the way.

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The first thing I started fixing at Stanford: posture.

We guys do not like asking people for directions, which is why God (I mean Vint Cerf – I mean humanity) created the internet: now you can ask an uncaring search bar how a man gets correct posture. I’m still working on it myself – it’s hard when your muscles have aged, so I encourage […]

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Three minute Zen.

If more people sat and paid attention to their own thoughts for an hour a day, say while walking, the world would be a more enlightened place.

That’s one of the few beliefs I’ll trot out there and get behind.

In that vein, I wanted to share a video I found on

You might want to share it, too, that is, if you have friends you secretly nickname “short attention span theatre” or “nethead,” or somesuch. You know, the kind that can’t stop looking at their phone or laptop while pseudo-interacting with other humans.


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